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Easy enough to criticize but I know how to play melee type games and use environment as well….

This is not your usual melee type game. Sorry to hear that you had a lot of trouble early game. From what you wrote all I can say that you were extremely unlucky to have both werevolves and orcs at the very start. Both of them are powerful. And I did learn that the hard way. The point where you do not like the death of your brothers mechanic, well this is a big part of this game. Being in late game with lvl 11 band and best aviable equipment still makes me lose 1-2 from time to time to a full 28 pack of orcs. And for me it is one of the charms in theis game. You are not invincible, you aren’t the heroes of the light who will purge the evil of this world(not yet). You are mercenaries, you work for money, dirty bloody money, not because you want to but because you have to.

If by manipulating you mean chosing the enemy wisely depending on previous experience with them, then yes I’m very much. After the very first try when my guys died the first day from werevolves I did avoid them entirely, unfortunately now whn i’m looking for em I can not find any. And yes, the first orc encounter did take 4 of my mens life. Those were young orcs. That made it quite clear to me that it will take a while before I can battle them or even the stronger ones.

You were given lots of tips already, all I can add is do equip ALL the shields. Independent of the role you intend for the guy, at the early stage just give all a shield. This will improve their survival tremendously. Use the skills like spearwall and riposte to fortify the edges, keep some people fresh to rotate them when needed or to intercept enemies that circle around to your archers, keep guarding the archers against vampires, they will chose a lone unit for their target usually.

Just remember, if you keep doing the exact same thing in the exact same situation, the result will be exactly the same no matter what you wish.

I only skimmed but I hope someone has mentioned Vampires as a point in favor of challenge.

The ss setup is I’d say more of a good one, usually my band is more spread out with huge gap between one of the member and the rest.

And that is the personality of the vampires, they will go for the lone guy to eat him up fast. Knowing this should help you. And to avoind being vampired from the very start, you do need to increase the initiative. Hope there will be jevelin throwing enemies that will make you increase the range defense stat as a melee or take range defense perks aswell.

The undead hordes. Yes, that is the most satisfactory huge battles so far. Unfortunately I did not manage to get into an orc battle as on the screen but i’d certainly would love to. And yeah would be great to have some videos on youtube with massive battles. Will try to get a good fight on a recording, when time allows. Tho first would need to have time to play at all…