Reply To: Sky's bug heaven.

Avatar photoRap

B) Ghoul Stuck in Battle
Inside the battle, turn stuck on a ghoul who appearently can not reach it’s destination.

Finally managed to fix this thanks to your logfile. This should resolve similar issues with other enemies as well.

E) Crash
Ambushed a puny bandit band in the forest, at some point in the battle my archer shot down a bandit. The bandit was next to a melee guy and in bush tile. As soon as my archer fired both shots and the bandit collapsed the turn was autofinished since the archer had no more points. This is the point when the game crashed. The log was too big again, here is the ss of the error and the last entry in the log before crash. BB_ArcheryCrash (not that it has anything to do with archery)

This was the very first error entry in the log?

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