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I’ll try to continue. Sometimes it would be mix of bug report and suggestion.
1) Trees on battle map. It’s really hard to understand where’s the tree, may be borders of hexes will help?
2) Type of land. It would be really cool if player could see the type of land such as hills or mountains or plains.
3) Orcs and projectile weapons. They have no ranged units so a “shield wall” of 5 or 6 units with 2 or 3 archers crush 9-11 young orcs without problems yes orc warriors will help, but only by their toughness.
4)The same problem with undeads, they just slowly walk to your squad.
5)Tactics phase and ambush. It’ll be more interesting with ambushes and some turns to regroup your party.
Some general ideas
6)As I’ve mention marine compaign with knarrs, cogs etc.
7)Sieges. Yes it’s hard, but it’s really surprised me that attack on raiders camp is only a forest battle.
8)Mounted battle and horses.