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    Thanks for that oldschool game. It’s simple and smart.
    What do you think about marine part of campaign? Put our squad on cog and fight marine monsters?
    Another idea is about mounted combat, but it’s really hard to realize.
    And here is small bug report.
    Sometimes renewed undead in 0 hitpoints become unattackeble.

    Avatar photoTripolar fox

    I’ll try to continue. Sometimes it would be mix of bug report and suggestion.
    1) Trees on battle map. It’s really hard to understand where’s the tree, may be borders of hexes will help?
    2) Type of land. It would be really cool if player could see the type of land such as hills or mountains or plains.
    3) Orcs and projectile weapons. They have no ranged units so a “shield wall” of 5 or 6 units with 2 or 3 archers crush 9-11 young orcs without problems yes orc warriors will help, but only by their toughness.
    4)The same problem with undeads, they just slowly walk to your squad.
    5)Tactics phase and ambush. It’ll be more interesting with ambushes and some turns to regroup your party.
    Some general ideas
    6)As I’ve mention marine compaign with knarrs, cogs etc.
    7)Sieges. Yes it’s hard, but it’s really surprised me that attack on raiders camp is only a forest battle.
    8)Mounted battle and horses.

    Avatar photoGOD

    You mean introducing the sea and everything that comes with that?
    I´ve seen it mentioned that the sea might (big emphasis on might) be considered for a potential expansion. So don´t get your hopes up (´cause it will take at least a year before expansions become relevant), but it´s not completely off the table either.

    Javelins were originally meant for Orcs, but they didn´t suit their combat style. Goblins, however, do use ranged weapons and are a part of the Greenskin faction.

    A deployment phase will likely get added, unless you get ambushed.

    Fighting in a village will get added, but as far as I know no sieges.

    Probably no horses either

    Avatar photoTripolar fox

    Yes I mean introducing the sea.
    And 9th point. “Iron will” regime with no saves.

    Avatar photoGOD

    You mean iron man? Yeah, that’ll get introduced as well. Not sure when, but they mentioned putting off stuff like that until after the bug-fixing.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Think is that orcs should have at last one ranged unit.
    Even if it young orc with a throwing axe or javelin. It will be make sense to made them as apart of hunting/scouting parties.
    Orc charging a rabbit is rather silly thing.

    Avatar photoSky

    Da boyz hunt humans no rabid.

    Avatar photoTripolar fox

    Another one idea. Direction of shield wall. Cause now a man on a hill in shield wall could stand for a long time (probability to hit about 5%).

    Avatar photoGOD

    A guy with a shield on a hill should be really difficult to dislodge, though. You should try to hack apart the shield instead.

    Adding directions to abilities would also run counter to their decision to not have backstabs, but overwhelm instead.

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