Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSky

Well, after this balancing update I do belive that there is a problem with hands perks. Unfortunately there is almost no difference in gameplay when changing ap cost for the perk between 4 without and 2 with. Now the perk quick hands in unvalid. If it had a limitation once per turn, there would be no problem at all. Now as it is with the 2ap cost there is just no need to take it at all. Usually when you already engaging the attack is 4ap, you can not move so paying 4 or 2 ap while switching makes no difference whatsoever (unless from a 2h to shield +1h). On the other hand when you are not in enemy zone then its again not so much of a difference since you can easily afford 4 instead of 2.

About bags. At this point the gameplay will suffer more than the players gain from beig over realistic. Besides, check out the medieval warefare, having two weapons and two shields was ok even in our history. Different troops had different weapon setups. It is not rare to see 2h with secoundary 1h and a shield. Same goes for 1h and shielders having a xbow or other means of midrange attack.

Feel like while the bags now are good the quick hands became useless.