Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoSky

The ap cost of 2 per item as the quick hands has now makes the skill useless absolutely. The scenarios in which it could be useful are too rare to take this perk. The simpliest way is to limit it’s use to one per turn for no ap and the secound per turn for 2 ap while all other for 4 ap as without the skill. This way even 2h users will be able to switch freely to a weapon OR shield for free while paying 2ap for the other hand item. It is fast to draw one thing but slower to draw two items while in fight(since you used the speed argument for the facing of characters). Maybe you can solve it with in game mechanics by adding an active quick hand part that is a one per turn free use buff or like dodge once a battle till triggered(less powerful but still ok), while the core perk remains with half cost.

As it stands now, taunt and shield bash are pretty unfunctional, quick hands too, student is a nice trade off skill for early n midgame, while pathfinder and bags are definetely more worth than the others since they benefit from start and even more to the end when the fatigue is gold and ap with fast moving can change a battle.