Reply To: The Greater Evil

Avatar photoXoatl

I think the “great evil” bosses will be tied to some of the legendary artifacts. So the lich gives “staff of worms”. Goblin “archshaman” a charm. Orc khan a unique battleaxe. Knights a set of black plate armour (This reminds me of the mount and blade native expansion). So on and so forth, assuming you don’t destroy the items while fighting them. That’s one way to make them stand out, which in my opinion is highly likely since leg. artifacts are planned and it only makes sense to reward the player with one after defeating an end game boss.

Personally I can’t wait to see the lich battle, I’m assuming it will take place in a crypt somewhere in the mountains/swamps. I hope it floats around like the liches/dragon priests in the elder scrolls. Either way I’m curious to see the art.