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    So I’m aware that the Greater Evil is planned. Among the known factions that will live up to such a name are the Greenskins (Orcs and Goblins) and the Undead. I was wondering how you guys plan to make the Greater Evil stand out from those that already dwelling in the lands of Battle Brothers. Are we talking unique bosses? how do you plan to separate them and make them feel like the big bad?

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    I guess it could be a Great Orc Khan and his massive army from the far east :)
    Or an awaken ancient lich from the deep of the swamp?

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    Hi guys,
    at the moment I can only say that the whole topic is still under game-design-construction. Whe are pondering a variety of different paths to go and I dont feel comfortable sharing too many thoughts on the topic before we have decided on something internally.

    So for now its “No Comment” :)

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    I think that Great Evil could be random, it could be mighty orc warlord or great lich or revolutionist or even foreign dark knight invading our country.

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    I think the “great evil” bosses will be tied to some of the legendary artifacts. So the lich gives “staff of worms”. Goblin “archshaman” a charm. Orc khan a unique battleaxe. Knights a set of black plate armour (This reminds me of the mount and blade native expansion). So on and so forth, assuming you don’t destroy the items while fighting them. That’s one way to make them stand out, which in my opinion is highly likely since leg. artifacts are planned and it only makes sense to reward the player with one after defeating an end game boss.

    Personally I can’t wait to see the lich battle, I’m assuming it will take place in a crypt somewhere in the mountains/swamps. I hope it floats around like the liches/dragon priests in the elder scrolls. Either way I’m curious to see the art.

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    No comment is good. I both want to find out for myself and have it be something that can manifest in many different ways depending on your playthrough. So there might a single leader at the head as the great evil, or there’s actually a particular warband that has gained prominence among the Orcs. Maybe there’s no boss at all and you instead have to undermine the delicate peace keeping things the enemy united, or destroy an ancient crypt from which endless undead are rising. Lots of diversity is needed to keep the game from becoming easily predictable.

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    I agree with GOD, diversity in the game is needed. But what other forms would the unification of the orcs and the endless undead coming from a crypt take other than an orc big boss and an ancient lich, respectively? I’m sure there can be creative ways of representing that. But I’d like it to be a little more than simply, “there’s a bunch of skeletons coming from the crypt, kill the 50 inside and you saved the village”. Maybe if it’s not a lich, it could be the magic seeping out of grimoire, or a possessed statue you need to destroy. Something must be responsible for these great evil challenges even if it doesn’t take the form of a conventional boss.

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    This thread just made me consider the possibility of fighting an undead orc.

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    Plenty of ways to add diversity. I don’t know what lore they have planned, so I’m not sure how unconventional I can be here, but here’s some simple suggestions off the top of my head that seem to fit what we’ve seen so far: magical artefact, restless spirits of the deceased out for revenge, necromancer cabal, vampire lord, ancient curse, magical plague, the spirit of a great king whose burial mound was disturbed, ancient hero who cannot accept his death and wants to conquer the world of the living, a crypt whose dead can find no rest, old Roman outpost carrying out its last duty, magical ritual gone awry or ghoul elder leads the hunt.

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    Or simply your band turning rogue and declaring the world its own. There is no greater evil than we ourselves.

    Diversety can be achived quite easily with the current mechanics, any of GoDs suggested arch enemies could be reanimated easily just as any other faction implemented. By easily I mean it fits the engine not that it will be fast or needs no work.

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    Yeah but half of those will function as boss fights, and some of the others as groups of unique special monsters, which is essentially a form of a boss fight. I do like the Roman outpost idea though, chance to find some legionnaire armour and tower shields.

    Please by all means I like all the suggestions in the threads, more bosses, more special loot. But I feel like with a little thought the devs can create missions that go beyond, “Go here, kill X, come back”. Like for the orc unification, there can be an objective to assault a fortress that constantly spams orc young and warriors/berserkers from time to time, but you have to light X huts on fire than go to the edge of the map and retreat.

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    It depends on how you interpret it. Take the cabal of necromancers. You can approach that in many different ways, like having it be a singular boss fight against all of them, or seperate boss fights, or as the search for an artefact to stop them, or as a search for magical ingredients to fuel a ritual that will undo their magic, or as an attempt to find and destroy the artefact that helps them maintain their grip on the undead, or as a race towards library of secrets/ ancient artefact/ skull of arch-lich that they are trying to claim or bribing one of their members so that he’ll undo the spell for you.
    Each of those you can approach differently as well. Like having to gather information on where the hideout of the necromancers is before you can attack them, or needing to escape the waves of undead while you search for a way to destroy the artefact. You just need to get creative.

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