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If there is a save mechanic inside of combat it will end like every not-ironman xcom game. It ends in uncounted reloads until every strike you do hits and your guys don´t get hurt. This is neither intended nor should it ever be possible in my opinion.
Though the save on exit seems like a very good idea and would deal with the no-time-issue.

First of all, I can personally attest to having never spammed the reload feature in a game of XCOM until “every strike <em class=”d4pbbc-italic”> do hits and [my] guys don’t get hurt”. I wasn’t even aware that this was possible in XCOM. It doesn’t need to be. Lots of games spawn a randomization seed at the beginning of each game that determines the outcome of actions, and a good many games save this seed as part of the save file. This means that save/load spamming would accomplish very little, because the outcome of an attack, let’s say, is predetermined. The only possible influence is that it might allow you to move a character to a different position to strike, or to know in advance that a strike will fail and so take a different action instead. Again though, it seems to me that the fault here (if indeed there is a fault at all, and no one has put forth any convincing arguments that there is) must lie with the player, and not with the software.

Again, my apologies if this isn’t what you meant to say, but it seems to be your argument. If it is, then it makes little sense, and I must disagree.

There is no need for an apology. I have to confess. I hate loosing my men, in Xcom, BB wherever and I am easily tempted to reload and save them if possible. Even without the second wave savescum feature introduced with xcom ew you could already save and reload and get totally different results in just changing the order of your attacks. In the end you may not loose men but damn much time. This is nothing I am proud of.

The devs have a clear vision how the feeling of their game should be. I respect it and hope they stay true to what they have already, as I am less tempted to have to restart the whole battle in order to not loose someone than I would be if I simply had to restart one turn.

We suggested a good solution for handling the need to leave the game. Saving on exiting the game. More would neither be neccesary nor good for the game.

And sorry, but I never ate a pizza worth 20 or even 40 €. Must be a golden one I guess. I just want to say you are comparing two totally different things.

And to our fireman. Respect has to be earned. This starts with respecting others. And your first post was disrespectul to say the least.

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