Reply To: The Greater Evil

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It depends on how you interpret it. Take the cabal of necromancers. You can approach that in many different ways, like having it be a singular boss fight against all of them, or seperate boss fights, or as the search for an artefact to stop them, or as a search for magical ingredients to fuel a ritual that will undo their magic, or as an attempt to find and destroy the artefact that helps them maintain their grip on the undead, or as a race towards library of secrets/ ancient artefact/ skull of arch-lich that they are trying to claim or bribing one of their members so that he’ll undo the spell for you.
Each of those you can approach differently as well. Like having to gather information on where the hideout of the necromancers is before you can attack them, or needing to escape the waves of undead while you search for a way to destroy the artefact. You just need to get creative.