Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoSky

So… After reading all these post the summary is…

As long as there is an ironman mode with only save on exit, the normal mode can have whatever save possibilities even if it might hurt the gameplay experience itself and allow save scumming or whatever other machinations the players want, it’s enterily on them.

I personally do agree with the ironman (as it can only be made with save on exit, any other autosave would make it the normal mode as now), but have no problems with current system. See no problem with the save averywhere even if there will be only one game mode, for a simple reason… It is in my power to choise between save scumming and playing to reach the game full potential. And so does everyone else. I can understand to limit these by design as seen by the devs, it is their vision their game and in the end it should be like they imagined it. But limiting the freedom and convenience while forcing unneeded limitation is simply unreasonable.