Reply To: pikes and the dreaded 80%

Avatar photoBinkus

Sorry but the OP is right i have just turned up to rage about recent % chances you do not miss 10 52% chances in a row

you do not miss 7 85% chances in a row

really something after the last update is making me rage quit this game when you are missing 70% chances more regularly than your archers are making 30% chances

i know the % system i am old enough and ugly enough and played enough games to want to smash my monitor to bits to realize something is really fubar about some % chances

anyone had a 52% chance on a 2 handed weapon miss for 10 rounds? the only time he won was because it took so long the enemy ran away and then he hit

sorry but the % chances are pretty wrecked especially against Orcs

dont get me started on lost souls………