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I’m not sure about this one. What do you folks feel about the current level of durability of weapons?

I agree with you. I had a battle where my Swordmaster broke a Noble Sword before he even finished killing two Orc Warriors. It’s ridiculous; are they armored in Powered Armor or something? This is a Tier 3 weapon he’s armed with!

From what I understand though, different levels of quality for weapons will eventually get introduced. So that should help you counter weapons breaking by spending more gold on higher quality weapons that (supposedly) are more sturdy. This is just a hypothetical though, as I don’t know how they plan to implement it.

I would like this as well, but the developers just said no below.

Different qualities for weapons was something we were discussing a while back, but we’ve decided to go instead with distinct tiers for every weapon type. So instead of having a Masterwork Handaxe with a few points more of damage or similar miniscule differences, we’ll have a clear progression from Hatchet -> Hand Axe -> Fighting Axe where it’s very apparent from just looking at the weapon how good it is. You’re equpping 12+ people in this game, so comparing a dozen items looking almost identical and having only very minor differences probably wouldn’t work out to the player’s favor in the long run. If you take into account the fatigue costs, it may even make sense to deliberately go with lower-tier weapons as backup as not to overly burden yourselves, just like you wouldn’t necessarily go with the heaviest of armors all the time. There are quite a few gaps in weapon progression currently in the game but we’ll fill them up as we go along.

I understand this kind of thinking, and so far, I can tell the tiers of weapon apart very easily.

The Shortsword looks very raw, like a thick sheet of metal given a crude edge and a crude handle. The Arming Sword looks like a standard Man-At-Arms issue weapon, while the Noble Sword looks like a refined masterpiece.

That being said, why can’t I kill even 2 Orcs with the best sword? I’ve also had my Hedge Knight break 3 Greatswords in one battle!