Reply To: Weapon durability

Avatar photoSky

The only thing that I’d like to have is an indicator of currently equipped weapons(items) durability for example like Sarissofoi did on ui suggestions. To always see right away the state. It realy becomes a heavy micro management thing, and very unnecesseraly, in long battles or when more battles in rapid successions to check, remember, try to calculate, remember, check the equipment status. I’d say the ideal representation would be on a small papperdoll in the corner, maybe as in reign of kings with depleting and coloring, or with percentage. It’s way too much unconvenience at this moment to manage the gear degradation. But since ui is one of the last things that will be done (I belive there are few critical elements that should be added asap) just got to carry replacement items in inventory to swap between battles and a weapon in every belt…