Reply To: Suggestion: Quest Stacking, Increased Rewards

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Anyone seen this type of jobs? It’s the first time I ever saw one of these. Wish there were more.

I had one of these early on in the game, except the Mayor was telling me about kids getting killed and villagers going missing too, and trying to guilt trip me by saying I have steel gear.
I lost 3 brothers, including a founding member and my second best archer, as well as half the village militia (The pack was very close to town).
Totally worth the role-playing experience though, esp when I picked “turn down the reward, they need it more”.

Now your party costs 318, that mekes most of your men nobles hedge knights swordmasters and other strong backgrounds.

I have exactly One (1) Hedge Knight, One (1) Swordmaster, and One (1) Noble. The Noble is somewhat underwhelming as well- I’d prefer to have a woodsman or even a monk in his place.

This is an extremely powerful mercenary group. There is nothing that could possibly end you at this point. My testing party was made up by extremely low upkeep backgrounds with a daily upkeep around of 150s. And even they were almost impossible to stop. Last few times I changed things up to see how it is to have a high upkeep army that has stats far above the one I had before. Still in progress but even now when half of the team is low lvl(1-4) there is not much of a difference, they stand their ground agains orc hordes and undead swarms. This is a management aspect. And I do like it. A low upkeep is absolutely valid, while a high upkeep is an overkill for now. You got to manage what you are capable of and what is above your paygrade.

Eh. Had a nasty fight in the forest where my guys spawned in terrible positions, and had my armor break on two dudes. Losing a Sarge (High Resolve, Rally the Troops backliner) would probably cut my DPS in half, and losing both of them would render this team build unviable vs equal strength foes.