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When it comes to armor I tend to get really pasionate and I understand completly if they wont change their system because one player wants it that way. However this only means that once the game is finished, I just have to mod the game to suit my taste. I have done it for 2 other games before, I would have done the same for battle brothers if I had access to the data files :D

Speed shooting is a thing but pales in comparison to actual combat archery when it comes to lethallity.

I’d definitely be interested in a mod like that if you decide to make it. :D It sounds like it would make for a completely different playstyle, which would keep things fresh down the road. That’s the kind of modding that seriously increase replayability.

Honestly speaking, I did exactly this for a game called battle for westnoth, it took me a week to change all the values and balance for each and every unit of every single faction but it was so worth it :D

Battle Brothers is basically everything I ever hoped to find in Wesnoth and more. I guess it’s a free game, but the gameplay is still seriously disappointing after years of development.

GOD check this out :)

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Ah, that does make a lot more sense, though I’ll stick with my current mental image of Meeky until I’m forced to adjust it.
That guy’s pretty good, though he probably wouldn’t be able to do that in a real fight. You really want to shoot them BEFORE they get that close. :P