Reply To: My opinion about this game

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OP you should not feel sorry about your opinion

we all know it is early access and your opinion is just as good as anyone elses, infact more so because we all want this game to be awesome

I however really like the armour system it is such a moot area

some games reduce damage by x number and you still take health damage, some games do it differently altogether

I actually like the simplicity of this system and the tactical ramifications of the heavies, controversially i think for this style of game they have got the armour damage HP damage in a good state, it sort of echoes i amd going to cut your chainmail to ribbons eventually and it wont save you

the Map does blow it is a boring cookie cutter slog through each new layout the lack of any real events on the map make a less interesting gaming experience, size plays a large factor in this and lack of dungeons etc they could do loads with the map to keep immersion higher

Quests are just plain awful – please move around the map slowly for this amount of gold should be the general quest – but again the quests side is so easy to beef up do this for them etc collect 20 ghoul teeth to stop the plague in this village there are a gazillion things they could do and some really interesting things act as a reserve to the great battle here etc 100 v 100, protect the lord, siege

they could do loads with this you could reach a standing with a fort and have two groups marching around or more start taking villages for yourself

I would like to see loads of things put in, including taking orc armour so i can kit my guys out