Reply To: My opinion about this game

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Let me reiterate that dissenting opinions are GOOD and create discussion. So, don’t stop having dissenting opinions; provide them when you feel they need to be provided.

Concerning swords dealing piercing damage: I certainly wouldn’t be averse to seeing that for some, not all, swords. Half-swording and such was definitely a thing; most swords were designed to pierce as well as slash; but to me, simplicity of game mechanics means you should have 2 abilities on a one-handed weapon, and having piercing on most swords’ normal attacks would feel odd.

I think the shortsword should DEFINITELY have a thrusting sort of main attack since it looks roughly around the size of a gladius or the like, something made for thrusting more than slashing. Not sure if the arming sword and noble sword should, since their “main” attack mode is slashing – but I wouldn’t be averse to some partial piercing on their attacks. The falchion (IIRC) is a slashing weapon and should remain as such.

I could definitely see small tweaks like this being made to fine-tune the weapon/armor system, but yeah: huge overhauls of the whole system aren’t a good thing at this stage of development.