Reply To: My opinion about this game

Avatar photoXizzie

I agree that bashing weapons should damage armor a bit less, but inflict health damage, to represent them bypassing the armor by some amount.

On spears – spear gives accuracy bonus and unique ability, although I do agree that once enemy is past spearwall (which is stamina costly too) spears lose a lot of their power, especially when your soldiers are leveled enough to make them hit reliably with any weapon.

I believe the weapon health and armor damage is fine as it is, the suggestion made before that too much realism may ruin the gameplay is valid. Btw, the 1 handed hammer always does 10hp damage when hit, so that kinda simulates that point.

Spears are a very good weapon to have in any battle: best weapon to hit vampires (very low armor but high meelee def), lost souls (die in one hit, but very high meelee def) and also to hit targets that are in a shield wall.

The only weapon I really dislike is the flail, I’d rather use a spear to bypass shield def.