Reply To: Cavalry

Avatar photothenewromance

Horses came to my mind right away after playing a first round of Battle Brothers. I do however fear they would not really fit in the game, as fun as mounted combat would be. In any case, they would probably need bigger and differently laid-out maps, and should be rare and expensive.

What I still would like to see, though, is multi-hex units, like big beasts (say, ogres, or a Lindwurm?) or movable machines of war (think some sort of medieval tank, or siege engines). I think they would spice up the combat, which at the moment is just single units on foot. Man, I would love to move forward in the cover of some sort of slowly rumbling battering ram/catapult, being pelted with arrows that never make it to my men, all the while fighting off attacking orcs with huge woodcutter axes on the flanks. I don’t know if this is too far removed from the tone of the game, but imagine a cross of World War II urban tank fighting and the Battle of Helm’s Deep :D