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    Avatar photoArntor

    One thing that I thought would be a worthy suggestion is the ability to equip battle brothers with horses. Perhaps a mounted battle brother would be able to traverse greater distances, and even have the ability to charge and stun enemies, much like orcs. It would definitely add a little more strategic variation.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    To tell the true- it was my first idea( after different axes) that comes to my head when i look at game ;)
    But then i think that it can brake all game mechanic what we have at this moment as if just to add a horse to the mercenary in theory this will be one big buff and an easy win – and if to do on mind – i.e. fines in the forest and swamp, the vulnerability against spears, when falling from a horse – mill on a 2 rounds, the horse should be separate from the character model and it’s murder is the loss of the horse as a tactical and strategic map.In General, I realized that to require developers to add cavalry in the game is to demand another game :) work here on 2 games at once

    Avatar photoSekata

    I’m not sure how i feel about horses, but I don’t think it would be so hard to balance cost wise.

    If a horse cost 5000-7000 gold to buy and added 25 to maintenance, players might think twice. That, and making it all but useless on anything but the plains. With only 12 slots for brothers and each one absolutely needed in some of the high tier fights, it would be risky.

    Avatar photothenewromance

    Horses came to my mind right away after playing a first round of Battle Brothers. I do however fear they would not really fit in the game, as fun as mounted combat would be. In any case, they would probably need bigger and differently laid-out maps, and should be rare and expensive.

    What I still would like to see, though, is multi-hex units, like big beasts (say, ogres, or a Lindwurm?) or movable machines of war (think some sort of medieval tank, or siege engines). I think they would spice up the combat, which at the moment is just single units on foot. Man, I would love to move forward in the cover of some sort of slowly rumbling battering ram/catapult, being pelted with arrows that never make it to my men, all the while fighting off attacking orcs with huge woodcutter axes on the flanks. I don’t know if this is too far removed from the tone of the game, but imagine a cross of World War II urban tank fighting and the Battle of Helm’s Deep :D

    Avatar photoSky

    Seems like there could be multi tile entities. Here is a SS of posts from other forums.

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