Reply To: More Suggestions

Avatar photoGOD

A fellow demo player, I presume? ;) The Early Access has a expanded a lot on it already and it’s quite stable already.

1 War dogs are planned. Cavalry probably not.

2 Companions will probably do this.

3 They might add more animations eventually, but they take a lot of time without really enhancing the gameplay so we probably won’t see that much.

4 Javelins are already in. We might see more throwing weapons eventually, but that’s still unclear. The francesca could be appropriate, if they go for it.

5 The camping mechanics haven’t been clarified, but temporary fortifications for when you’re camping is something I could see happening.

6 I don’t think we’ll see specialisations for the company itself, though you might see a mechanical equivalent in the companions that you’ll be able to hire.

7 More complex quests will get implemented. I recall there being an example of having to escort a noble (who you’ll be able to control). Not sure whether your examples are planned, though.

8 They sort of have already, but we’ll probably see the event system expand on this as we’ll also see more named npcs.

10 No multiplayer is planned, so there’ll be no servers to handle that kind of thing. That seems like something you could do with mods, though – upload save file and switch a company with the player company.