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    I’m back with more unrealistic suggestions everybody! Yay!

    I’ve been checking the forums a bit and there are tons of suggestions getting posted all the time so forgive me if I start going on things that have been suggested already ad neauseam. Keep in mind that I have not yet purchased the game so my experience with the game is limited and maybe outdated.

    Here we go:

    1. I have seen a lot of people mentioning war dogs and horses and what not and I agree that those things should appear. Mounts have been discussed in some thread quite thoroughly so I think there’s no need to go into detail about them here since I’m sure the devs could handle the balancing issues on their own.. As far as dogs go they could be a skill and not necessarily and item though an item would probably work best but I would still go with some kind of kennel master or beast master skill tree to be able to use dogs. IMO dogs should have an encumber effect on enemies and very slight damage for a turn or two. Meaning enemies couldn’t move but could still fight off the dog, however, if the enemy is fleeing then the damage should increase or some kind of crit multiplier take effect. And while we’re at the topic of horses and dogs… what about falcons? Or is that too much? A beast master guy could use a falcon to scout the map and maybe even world map.

    2. Speaking of world map. What about some kind of abilities that could be used on the world map? More on that later…

    3. I would love to see more animations… Like an arrow or two sticking in a shield if a unit has a shield wall up and even sticking in a body.

    4. How come there are no throwing weapons? OR at least an option to throw a weapon as a last resort type of thing. It’s not unheard of. People would even throw swords in battles (mostly by picking up a sword belonging to some dead guy). Throwing axes seems like smth an orc berserker would do or a mountain man type of guy. Javelins anyone? Am I the only one that would like to see an impaled dead orc semi-standing supported by the javelin that went through him? Unless you had like a specific throwing weapon like javelins or throwing axes or knives then it should always be like a 50/50 chance to hit and have some spiffy effect if it lands. Maybe extremely demoralizing perhaps? Always crits sounds too much.

    5. Constructions of contraptions. This is probably for a camp/base type of scenario. Anyone ever heard of laagers/leaguers/wagon forts? Anti-cavalry fortifications. The Czech mercenaries were known for using them if I’m not mistaken.

    6. Specializations of your mercenary group in particular. For example being a more military type of band or perhaps protectors of some land, saboteurs, assassins, brigands, kidnappers or just general no good-nick ne’er-do-wells robin hood style. I haven’t really thought this one through but I’m still throwing it out there.

    7. Different type of battle objectives. Destroying bridges, semi-sneak missions to start a fire or smth. Poison a well. That type of thing. Building a damn, then fortify it to defend from a bunch of orcs and then flooding their town off the map once there’s enough water accumulated and you destroy it. I guess what I’m trying to say is interactive world map? Like if you walk enough in a field a road should start appearing. Maybe if there’s some kind of enemy camp near a mountain go hiking up a mountain and start an avalanche. Just stuff to do on the world map other than walking.

    8. Enemies should have leaders or founding members equivalents.

    9. Not sure if this should be a mission or just something that happens but what about if some brothers die in battle and after a certain time (and if the brother was with the group for a while but not necessarily) there’s an event thing where you get a mission of “visiting bob’s grave” and once you go there you find his grave site disturbed and then bob pops up as a wiederganger and then you have to re-kill him or a bunch of your fallen brothers ;(

    10. I saw a few people suggesting enemy/rival mercenary bands roaming the lands. Would it be possible to somehow add some kind of option to upload your mercenary band to a high score type thing and then the bands that are there would appear in other player worlds depending on the average lvl of the players band?

    K. That’s all I can think of. I doubt I can come up with anything else since it seems like everyone has covered everything by now. Just want more variety in general I suppose and event type things. Different types of mission objectives. I hope the devs will find something useful from my ideas. Cheers!

    Avatar photoGOD

    A fellow demo player, I presume? ;) The Early Access has a expanded a lot on it already and it’s quite stable already.

    1 War dogs are planned. Cavalry probably not.

    2 Companions will probably do this.

    3 They might add more animations eventually, but they take a lot of time without really enhancing the gameplay so we probably won’t see that much.

    4 Javelins are already in. We might see more throwing weapons eventually, but that’s still unclear. The francesca could be appropriate, if they go for it.

    5 The camping mechanics haven’t been clarified, but temporary fortifications for when you’re camping is something I could see happening.

    6 I don’t think we’ll see specialisations for the company itself, though you might see a mechanical equivalent in the companions that you’ll be able to hire.

    7 More complex quests will get implemented. I recall there being an example of having to escort a noble (who you’ll be able to control). Not sure whether your examples are planned, though.

    8 They sort of have already, but we’ll probably see the event system expand on this as we’ll also see more named npcs.

    10 No multiplayer is planned, so there’ll be no servers to handle that kind of thing. That seems like something you could do with mods, though – upload save file and switch a company with the player company.

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    I agree with Unsettler, but as GOD say and well “A fellow demo player, I presume? 😉 The Early Access has a expanded a lot on it already and it’s quite stable already.”
    In demo one think is annoying is the retreat, if are close enemy i agree they possibly die, but lot of time i have my soldier far away and die just 2 or 3 soldier have success survive.
    Archers fail lot even lvl 3
    I dont know if early access permit cancel quest but sometime u pick mission very hard and u wish cancel and cant do :)
    I wish give see in future a possibility to have a castle or a HQ.
    I just don’t under why don’t use cavalry, because even for mercenary is important, not mention is the transport that time.
    It be good if in future think use a ship to go to other lands :)
    I still love this game, when can have money im go buy it to see diferences, i like the game design in general, and is quit fun and lot missions are challenger

    Avatar photoUnsettler

    Actually for some reason the demo doesn’t work for me or I’m an idiot. I got most of my info from gameplay videos :D

    I saw people canceling quests in gameplay videos. And OMG I would love to see an expedition mission to some kind of snake island or something. GREAT IDEA!

    Thanks for your response. I have some follow up points:

    1. There could be a limit on horses. Like 1 horse per 8 battle brothers. So if max brothers will be 24 then at the end you will have a horse for each of your founding members if they haven’t died off by then. If I’m not mistaken horses were expensive and pretty much only nobles had them or farmers who bred them on their own. Would be nice to get like a bunch of horses for an “escort a noble” mission though or like “get this message to the king ASAP”.

    10. Not exactly what I had in mind. I would like to see a Band of Brothers who belong to someone else running around the map as an AI. There were talks of rival bands on the map why not make them real? Not procedurally generated but taken from real save files. Well not taken but more like donated. Wouldn’t want to have a “always have to be online to play” thing going on. It’s not really multiplayer is it? It’s just uploading the current state of your battle brothers. So not even the whole save file that includes all the world map and stuff. I mean I have no idea if that’s a hassle to do but I’ve seen some flash games do it :D can’t be that hard. It would be fun to run into each others Band of Brothers and if it’s possible it would be also fun to switch bands with friends like you said but that was not my initial idea. Just wanted to clarify this one :)

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    In order to safely retreat from combat, your units need to reach the border of the screen. Anyone who is not on the border is left behind and dies.

    You can cancel contracts/quests. There are currently no downsides to doing that, but reputation penalties are a future deterrent to repeatedly doing it.

    The difficulty with giving the player cavalry is that they don’t easily slot into the combat, mechanical or art wise. Some mounted units are planned for the Goblin faction (wolfriders), but those will be nowhere near the size and power of actual cavalry.

    Ships and sailing might get picked for a hypothetical expansion. So that’s a maybe, but in no way a certainty. ;)

    It doesn’t? I’ve heard something like that before. You should check the bug section or post in it for advise. They can help you if you add some documentation on what goes wrong.

    1 It’s more about them not fitting smoothly into the gameplay and art design, because there is no equivalent to compare them to. They just don’t mesh well with kind of combat that they have now.

    10 That’s pretty much what I meant actually. Modding the game, by switching the properties of an AI controlled company with those of a player company from a different save file. Should be easy enough to figure out once people start fiddling around with the finished game. :)

    Avatar photoUnsettler

    I just probably need to upgrade my pc… :D

    Avatar photoJago

    Anyone who is not on the border is left behind and dies.

    The chance to die when being left behind is big, but they can still survive. Sorry, it’s nitpicking.

    About war dogs for the player: usually you’d want to control your war dog like any other brother, right? But that’s not realistic. A dog would just charge into the enemy like an orc, which doesn’t seems very helpful to me.
    I though that one brother could equip a war dog as a weapon. This weapon could have 2 skills, a normal attack, “Bite”, and “Release”. With the second skill, a war dog appears on a free hex next to the brother and attacks the closest enemy. After releasing you have no more control over your dog. If the dog survives the battle it is returned into your brothers inventory.

    Avatar photoGOD

    Can you run OpenGL 3.0? That’s what’s required to play the game. Other than that, the system requirements are light and you should even be able to play it on an old laptop.

    Really? That must be a new addition because I’ve never had any survivors when I retreated, though I only retreated in older versions (DEATH OR GLORY!).

    I’m rather curious how they intend war dogs to work, since we haven’t seen anything like that so far. Should make for an interesting addition.

    Avatar photoUnsettler

    I have no idea what OpenGL is and if my shitty pc can run it or even where to download it or whatever. Any info on the net is definitely not helpful to me. But I’m content with the gameplay videos so far ;P

    Avatar photoGOD

    You basically need it to properly display the graphics. It’s related to what graphics card you have.

    These are the system requirements, by the way:

    OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Processor: 1.2 Ghz
    Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compatible video card
    Hard Drive: 500 MB available space

    If you have that, but still can’t play it, then there’s probably a bug of some sort in the demo.

    No big deal if you can’t run it yet though. The game will still be in Early Access for about a year, so by then you’ll probably have found a dirt cheap lappie to run it on. ;)

    Avatar photoUnsettler

    Yeah, I’m not too worried about it. I have my brothers old graphics card (he bought a new one to be able to play witcher 3) I just need to buy a cooler for it and I’ll be all set. The one I have right now is some ancient Radeon X1600/X1650 Series. It probably can’t handle the OpenGL thing.

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