Reply To: Game balance (Spoilers)


I think the Quick Hands issue could be remedied by cancelling weapon specials when switching the weapon after activating the special attack. Of course, the game is turn-based, so one could argue in favour of quick-changing during the same turn because actions would happen simultaneously in the real world, but I think that’s a minor issue compared to the gameplay that arises from being able to spearwall, then presto changing to sword for retaliation. I probably wouldn’t call it a balance issue, because both alternatives have something going for them (think superfast fighter who basically juggles sword and spear while mowing down orcs left and right, the way it is now), but a matter of taste and of fluidity/granularity of combat. Too high a “resolution” with regards to what actions can be taken at certain time points makes the combat play clunkier, I think.