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    Few things I have noticed in the game.
    I think Warhammer and wingedmace are still little too strong.
    Billhook and pike are too good too, I think they should have increased fatigue cost for attacks.
    At this version high initiative merc can easily attack every round first with pikes and billhooks.

    Swordmasters are too good too and its even worse balance with nimble and 25% dmg increased.
    U cannot destroy the shield to lose the def bonus. You lose ranged defense true, but its not big
    of a deal after u are in melee cos of blocked penalty for enemy archers.
    Basically every merc in ur team should be swordmaster. 20 def bonus is just too good.
    Swordmasters with rally can still tank, cos there is no need to use shields up.

    Quickhands: Should be tier 2 perk atleast, have to take to every merc now. Warhammer cleaver combo.
    Spear wall, then change to whatever you want. Just use whatever weapon which suits u best at any situation.
    Makes combat less tactical and boring.

    Perfect Focus: Crazy skill, must have on every merc too. Wouldnt be problem if it didnt combo so well with
    rally,battle flow and berserk. After you get perfect focus and rally the game is pretty much over and
    combat isnt fun anymore. It breaks combat mechanics and should be looked into.

    Rally: This skill breaks the game too, not fun anymore after u get 2 of these. No more thinking should I attack
    this turn or save my fatigue to next turn so I can have shield wall. This skill needs to be changed too, to
    keep the combat fun in mid to late game.

    Fast Adaption: Should be tuned down little I think.

    Full force: Too good, +32 max dmg with the heaviest armor.

    Armors: They are fine, just need to change rally skill, to make these more balanced too.

    Def Tier 3 needs some love

    I love the struggle at the start of the game, I enjoy when Svein against all odds hits with his baillhook and
    insta gibs enemy. If you could make the early game last longer somehow, the struggle to survive.
    Im kind of “power” gamer with excel and stuff, but I like to play this game as you intended it to be played.
    Ironman and every game goes little different. The game has lots of potential and I can feel you really enjoy doing the game.
    Thank you.


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    I think the Quick Hands issue could be remedied by cancelling weapon specials when switching the weapon after activating the special attack. Of course, the game is turn-based, so one could argue in favour of quick-changing during the same turn because actions would happen simultaneously in the real world, but I think that’s a minor issue compared to the gameplay that arises from being able to spearwall, then presto changing to sword for retaliation. I probably wouldn’t call it a balance issue, because both alternatives have something going for them (think superfast fighter who basically juggles sword and spear while mowing down orcs left and right, the way it is now), but a matter of taste and of fluidity/granularity of combat. Too high a “resolution” with regards to what actions can be taken at certain time points makes the combat play clunkier, I think.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    We are very aware that the perk system will still need a lot of attention, tweaking and balancing. We are doing feedback rounds on the perks from time to time where we go through all perks and adjust or change them if need be. These rounds will probably continue until the full release ;)

    Also the game is currently biased a bit towards the early game and the late game lacks challenges once you have a bunch of high-level mercs. We already have a bunch of new lategame challenges planned but it will take quite a while until we get that in the game.

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    Enemy archers seems never run out of arrow. Not sure if it’s a good idea.

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