Reply To: Some suggestions for a great game

Avatar photoAGiantPie

1. I am very much in favor of this idea. Adding more variety to the settlements in the form of specializations would be neat. The devs may already have something planned for this.

2. This is kind of like a reputation system but for individual settlements. IIRC the devs *do* plan to do something along these lines.

3. The devs are already planning to implement a reputation system at some point. It’s a good idea and it’s on the list of things to do.

4. I disagree with this. The background traits are just that, backgrounds. The devs are going to add in an event system and other ways to gain/lose other traits, but background traits define who the base character is.

5. I disagree with this also. The battle skills are based on the weapon the brother is using, and I think it should stay like that.