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    Hello there I and alike most of the people posting on this site really are enjoying the game and I just want to leave a few suggestions I personally believe would help make this game more fun. Like for example, like for each big town maybe they could have like a specialty. Like something there famous for. For example a village located in the forest is known for its hunting so they have better quality bows and crossbows or a pro hunter mercenary once in a while. And for quest if you managed to help the same merchant or the mayor of the town with there quest you can build up a little partnership of some sort like a discount on items in the store or access to more difficult and rewarding quest to. Also im not sure if there is going to be some kind of reputation system going on in this game like when u finish a mission it builds up your reputation and if you fail it does the opposite. And the reputation would in turn if its gets high enough would trigger some events like mercenaries wanting to join your group for there fee or people seeking you out to do quest for them. And im not sure of this yet if it happens in the game so far but how bout ways to upgrade your mercenaries as they level up. Like say u start off with a beggar and he survives and levels up he gains like a trait like brave or after a while he became so good at using a sword he turned into a sword master. One other thing would be like if like bandits or raiders or other things attack a city or place you can decide to help them out and if you will you will get like a discount or they’ll even give you items. One last thing would be upgrading your skills that come associated with the weapons you use for combat or evening new skills you can get as you level up. Like having a dagger and upgrading the stab skills so it has a higher hit percentage or getting a skills like multiple stab that uses twice the ap points does 2 to 3 stabs and every hit increase the hit percentage for the next strike. Here our some suggestions from a fan of the game and thanks for reading this.

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    This is quite difficult to read and digest. I’d suggest breaking the various suggestions up into a list, ie,

    1. Make bread an item

    2. Give people better hair styles

    but using your suggestions instead obviously.

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    Yeah my bad on that one lol.

    1 For every big city could they have some specialty that they are known for. Like a city located next to a mine or a mountain could be known for having greater quality iron or steel and makes better quality weapons because of it.

    2 If your manage to quest for a mayor or merchant of a certain place a couple of times could that develop into a partnership that perhaps lets you get a discount from the merchant or access to more difficult and rewarding quests.

    3 I think a reputation system would be a great idea. The more missions that you complete builds your reputation and like wise the more you fail lowers it. And the event system could tie into this. For example if you have a really high rep mercs might come and ask to join you, or people seek you out while traveling to offer you different types of quest.

    4 How bout a way to change your mercs begging class. Like to change a merc who started out as a beggar whos become very efficient with a bow to something else like for example a hunter.

    5 Lastly how about a way to upgrade your battle skills like your skills with the dagger for example. I believe theres two skills thrust and stab. After your person levels up they have the option to upgrade there skill. Stab could evolve into multi stab were it does 2 hits instead of one. It uses more ap but if the first hit is successful it give a boost to hit percentage for the second hit something like that.

    But hopefully this way helps and is a lot easier to read

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    1. I am very much in favor of this idea. Adding more variety to the settlements in the form of specializations would be neat. The devs may already have something planned for this.

    2. This is kind of like a reputation system but for individual settlements. IIRC the devs *do* plan to do something along these lines.

    3. The devs are already planning to implement a reputation system at some point. It’s a good idea and it’s on the list of things to do.

    4. I disagree with this. The background traits are just that, backgrounds. The devs are going to add in an event system and other ways to gain/lose other traits, but background traits define who the base character is.

    5. I disagree with this also. The battle skills are based on the weapon the brother is using, and I think it should stay like that.

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    4. I disagree with this. The background traits are just that, backgrounds. The devs are going to add in an event system and other ways to gain/lose other traits, but background traits define who the base character is.

    Indeed. What Kanoe808 is refering to are not classes (there are no classes in the game other than those imposed by the player) but backgrounds, describing a character’s upbringing and their life before joining the company. Even though characters will effectively become mercenaries by occupation the moment you hire them, that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve been a farmhand or a beggar for most of their life, which obviously has a profound impact on what kind of man (or woman, eventually) they are now and will continue to be for the rest of their lives. Some backgrounds can in fact change with events, but only to extend the original background (e.g. a monk taking up a more radical interpretation of their faith).

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    Oh ok its nice to know that the event system might also have events to change some mercs background a little bit

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