Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building


What about Fortified Mind? Most folks do use tanks; and tanks have enough Perk slots to get Fortified Mind. And a few Fortified tanks should handle them easily.

There are two problems with that – 1: taking a perk only to be able to fight a single enemy type shows how otherwise useless this perk is. 2: if I have to take Fortified Mind to be able to use any tactic against that particular enemy (other than “try to stab them with a spear and pray), then it shows that I am out of options. No other enemy present such a problem.

Minimum to hit them with ranged is not locked at 5 either, I’ve seen as good as 17% with a decent ranged guy and crossbow, no height advantage, 6 spaces out. I’m guessing with more specialization and better conditions that can go way up.

Interesting. I will have to check it out later. I thought that 5% chance to hit with ranged was kind of a racial perk for the Lost Souls (to make them more scary opponents) and didn’t bother with ranged since then.

And of course as soon as I post that I get this as a mission battle. :/

Welcome to the club, brother.