Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


it’s a 2 every single time.

True. As stated in the patchnotes the numbers on Level up are not random anymore, they are fixed and depend on the stat you are rolling on. For melee skill its 2 for example, while leveling up ranged skill will always give you +3.

“To address these points, we’ve changed how character stats are determined. Instead of rolling stats in the same range for all characters and then having the background add a flat amount on top, backgrounds now have their very own min and max values when rolling for each stat. What does that mean? Well, you can find characters skilled in ranged combat with all kinds of backgrounds, some even more skilled than the Hunter you’ve just hired – but the Hunter is guaranteed to know how to use a bow and will always come with a good level of ranged skill now. And while with a Hedge Knight you know you’ll be getting a beast of man, there’s always the chance that you’ll find that random exceptional Farmhand that is even stronger and more physically fit – the Hedge Knight is just guaranteed to be at a good level.” I must ‘ve completely misinterpreted this then.

But what incentive is there then to hire anything other then the cheapest merc available if the stats you get for leveling are the same anyway? I didn’t notice any huge difference in base stats between the different mercs, they are rarely more then 10 apart. While I definitely agree that there had to be a change to how the stats worked, I don’t think fixing the stats you get for lvling up is the way to go, or at least not having the same value for every single background. A farmhand improving as much and as fast as an experienced fighter in handling a sword?