Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions


I personally don’t think stats should be revealed in recruitment — I want to avoid over-analyzing my new recruits, or adding any micromanagement to that aspect of the game — my motive for requesting this is that not being able to see that a recruit has a peg leg, and that trait not being reflected strongly in his price and upkeep, sharply breaks the games otherwise amazing immersion.

I worry that the devs may ignore this thread because it is an issue that has been rejected by them on several occasions which is understandable. However, if this does get seen, I hope you can see it from the perspective of me, who wants to see the games beautiful, immersive storytelling atmosphere flourish, instead of the perspective of many others who simply want it so they can play the numbers and come up with the most OP team possible.

I believe this feature could be implemented in such a way that would avoid that type of behavior and at the same time increase both the game’s storytelling potential, and the feeling of variety when selecting new recruits which is somewhat lacking currently.