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    They said something about thinking on someone’s idea of hiring a recruiter (I am not sure if that’d be just another background of a battle brother or a follower, like blacksmith et al) that could unravel more about men for hire you encounter. But it’s merely a thought from the developer on a suggestion, so take that with a pinch of salt in regards to actual implementation. It might happen or not.

    Haven’t heard of that before. It sounds interesting! Perhaps the recruiter could have some other function aswell. Getting the most out of hiring brothers by revealing is not a must, and there will be times when you don’t hire anyone at all. Maybe call him a trainer and he can give your brothers a exp boost for the next battle when resting, or something like that.

    Avatar photoSir Duckpunch

    If you like to play hardcore(and so do I by the way), then wouldn’t it be safe to assume that you would enjoy the added level of difficulty? You have to roll with the punches so to speak and make the best out of the situation. In real life you are not able to stare someone in the eyes and obtain a list of traits, characteristics, and personality traits.

    The only thing that I believe they should emphasize more, is what each background class brings to the table in terms of stats.

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    It seems to me that the visible/hidden trait idea could work quite well, if the price and upkeep was reflective of the visible traits — Early on, you may have to settle for a short knave or peg-legged deserter due to lack of money, and once you had developed his abilities, you may not want to replace him with someone else. This would be especially so if mercenaries could gain good traits from battle. For example, many repeated battles with no losses could result in a trait that gives “confident” morale level at the beginning of every battle.

    If the player becomes attached enough to their initial band of misfits, they will not feel so inclined to replace them with more traditional “cookie-cutter” soldiers. I believe this is the intended effect and would lead to both great story-telling, but also meaningful decision-making: Early game, the player would have to choose between a large number of practically incapable men, or a smaller number of slightly incapable men; Mid/late game, the player would have to decide whether to replace his battle-hardened misfits with unfamiliar professionals, maybe even for a morale penalty with the other men!

    Additionally, the hidden traits (dastard and gluttonous are good examples) would be present in all varieties of men, leaving the aspect of risk/gambling somewhat untouched — this may be yet another incentive to stick with your misfits: Who can tell if that 5000 gold, tall, strong soldier is also a craven pig?

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    Yes please! More information and no hidden stats would be great!

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    I personally don’t think stats should be revealed in recruitment — I want to avoid over-analyzing my new recruits, or adding any micromanagement to that aspect of the game — my motive for requesting this is that not being able to see that a recruit has a peg leg, and that trait not being reflected strongly in his price and upkeep, sharply breaks the games otherwise amazing immersion.

    I worry that the devs may ignore this thread because it is an issue that has been rejected by them on several occasions which is understandable. However, if this does get seen, I hope you can see it from the perspective of me, who wants to see the games beautiful, immersive storytelling atmosphere flourish, instead of the perspective of many others who simply want it so they can play the numbers and come up with the most OP team possible.

    I believe this feature could be implemented in such a way that would avoid that type of behavior and at the same time increase both the game’s storytelling potential, and the feeling of variety when selecting new recruits which is somewhat lacking currently.

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