Reply To: A Question For Current Players

Avatar photoRusBear

I don’t even want to argue on this topic is pointless everyone will have their opinion on the Internet and even useless to argue and the topic was not about that. But if three consecutive hits Archer with a chance 5, 5, 7 % and 6 misses in a row on the enemy standing on the low level with the chances more than 60% – if it is not random then what are we talking about?
starting phase of the game it is 50% random- even if you do all right.
regarding the main topic of discussion – I think that the game has every opportunity to recover from the devastating damage I’ve done it myself and seen a lot of streams serious players who also did not give up after losing half the squad from ‘weak’ goblins. But I also agree that if you bought the game and you want to reboot and not start again – you have every right to do it :)