Reply To: Redefining a "Miss" in combat


That’s really interesting you all considered it already. I honestly don’t feel it would make individual hits less meaningful. They would still be spectacular displays of blood, gore and damage in comparison. In my mind the glancing blows would just reduce the “ahhh cmon” feeling of a miss. I am thinking 2 or 3 damage to the armor and a cool sound effect to *feel* like a minor reward instead of a large punishment, if you know what I mean. The only exception is arrows, which I think a high miss rate is very appropriate and especially hitting your houndmaster by accident ;)
This glancing blow ‘miss’ system would also actually make the battles even more speedier and deadly since the overall damage done per round would increase. Regular hits would still be crushing and the core of the strategy revolving around it. I also feel it would enhance the combat strategy because no longer can one rely on impossible to hit shield wall type antics with guys in the back raining arrows.
I am finding myself hearing “Whoosh, whoosh” most of the game and a lot of psychological punishment. One could argue that this punishment makes the hits feel that much sweeter, but I think we can all agree the human mind is very greedy and selfish and expects some kind of action or payoff for taking daring risks like moving into zone of control etc.

quick Edit:

Battle of Wesnoth comes to mind, as well as the Civ series. Whoosh, whoosh. A miss feels only like punishment