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    Dear All,

    I “love” your game since 2 years and I want share with you few updating suggestions :

    The real name of this sword it was “Faussart”.
    It was one handed and two handed sword. The dimensions of the handle and the weight of this sword authorized these manipulations.
    Please could you place the Warbrand inside one handed sword category without modify skills or caracteristics ?
    And if it’s possible could change the name also with “Faussart” instead “Warbrand” ?

    Shields :
    During the middle age, the shield it was also a deadly weapon.
    The “Knock back” skill, for my point of view, it’s a good oportunity to give more interest for the shields and shields mastery.
    Could you add for “Knock Back” skill the parameters below ?
    Damage : 25-45
    Ignores Armor : 30 %
    Armor damage : 115 %
    Daze effect : 100%
    Could you add skill fatigue reduction (-25%) for shield maestery like other weapon mastery ?

    Reinforced mail coif :
    I like the look of this helmet (Armor 100 / Fatigue -5 / Vision -1).
    But it presents a poor iterest in comparison with other helmets around the armor 100.
    It just slightly better than closed mail coif (90/-4/-1) and slightly lesser than Nasal Helmet (105/-5/-1).
    But the Nasal Helmet is totaly free : we find lot of on the brigands.
    And its cost is 100/150 cr higher than closed mail coif.
    Could you update the caracteristics with Armor 110 / Fatigue -5 / Vision -2 ?

    Dagger :
    Could you add bleed effect for the daggers (5 dmg for 1 turn) ?
    And could you add a double bleed damage for the dagger meastery ?

    Sling :
    The sling have been use until 1350 after JC. (Low middle age)
    It was a cheaper throwing weapon and good oportunnity to give a more iterest for the throwing weapon.
    Damage : 25-35
    Ignores Armor : 55 %
    Armor damage : 70 %
    Range : 4 tiles (2 to 4)
    Fatigue : – 2
    Fatigue skill use : – 5
    Action point cost : – 3
    Chance to hit head : +15 %
    Ammo quiver : 20 by pouch
    Ammo cost : 1 for each ball (instead 3 like other throwing weapon)

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