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    This is my proposal: instead of daily wages, battle brothers get their cut at the time when you earn your contract money. You get money, your brothers get money.

    Let me start by saying that I love completing contracts and getting money in the bank. I think we all know that satisfying *kaching* feeling. But then the money start to drizzle out between your fingers through daily wages.

    While being very realistic, this feels distinctly unsatisfying to me. I can’t roam around and explore the world without it costing me a whole bunch of money. I can’t use all my money for stuff, because I have to save it for daily wages. And I don’t exactly know for how many days I need for either. I might lose a guy, because I miscalculated how much money I needed. To me, loosing a guy in that way is just annoying. A battle brother falling in battle is fair enough, I may have done a tactical blunder, or taken too big of a risk.

    Point being: I’d like to be able to spend the money I have, and be free to explore without having to be rich to do it. I’d like to manage less stats that are steadily declining. Personally I think food is enough.

    I hope I didn’t come across as being to harsh, as I love the game. And that’s why I care :)

    Alternative: If the above is too drastic, how about weekly wages instead of daily? And if you get in the red one week, have brothers not leave until you’re in the red next week as well, so you have time to fix it. But then, if you really think about it, the money shown in the UI could take into account the next weeks wages, so the money shown would always be what you have available to spend.

    Which, I guess, would be even more realistic. Because, if you’re a serious mercenary entrepreneur, you’re going to put the money for wages in a seperate pot, so you never risk having to tell your men “Sorry guys, I can’t pay you today, because I bought this sweet spear” ;)

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    At least they aren’t my knights. My knights demand to only be paid with… A SHRUBBERY!

    There’s no reason why Battle Brothers, as a marketed title, can’t switch off of mercenaries. There sure are a lot of people trying to Role Play out of it, or Role Play against it if you know what I mean. The Art of The Warrior Contract deserves its own thread. Can we have our own Huscarls, House Men, you know, or the Knight Orders people roleplay, I think is historically close to the Financial Model you’re mentioning, hey, raiders and the crusader knight expect to get their spoils from the destination, like you’re saying. Maybe we become Landed somehow, the minute you don’t honor the Faction or Village call-to-arms, well that works into the Reputation system nicely.

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    ” I’d like to manage less stats that are steadily declining. ” I had to get back to this after looking at it. You know something real simple like negotiating HIRE contracts like your QUEST contracts. MORE pay upfront or MORE pay per day to new mercenary hires. That fits in real easy, doesn’t it? Now, rent free mercenaries ,that can’t come cheap. And when do mercenaries Retire anyway? Its a valid question, got 90 day campaigns or more? injuries after injuries? theres a use for the Inn, take a little time out? or the new Temple?

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    Sorry didn’t see your response until now. Maybe I should drop by more often :)

    You bring up some interesting points. It would be cool to get mercenaries with different types of incentives for being with the band. Maybe you could save someones life, and they would be with you for free out of debt and loyalty? I don’t think it would be very fun if your mercs retired, however :P But maybe they could use some R&R from time to time, though they get downtime between missions, especially if you need repairs and healing.

    I still think weekly (or maybe even monthly) wages would be nice. And some sort of budget view. Like: Total money: 1400 Balance this week: -200
    So you could try to get in the green each week. I think it would make it easier to manage your money in regards to buying gear and stuff.

    Or maybe learn something from X-com. At the end of each period (weekly or monthly) you get Money earned from contracts – wages. So the money you have is money to spend, in a larges degree. Unless you don’t make anything one period, of course.

    And… I wish supplies was incorporated into the wage, as it is basically the same thing, and not especially fun to manage. I pay them, let them buy their own damn food :P

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