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    1) Allow a auto follow caravan feature. Sometimes on long trips, especially In relatively safe areas it would be nice to not have to mindlessly click to follow it.

    2) Maybe down the line add a realism mode where when a character takes critical damage (aka almost dies) they have a chance to get afflicted with permanent injuries. Something like a limp which increases fatigue when moving. losing fingers or and eye… or even something extreme like losing an arm.
    Its just food for thought… I know this would cause some balance issues.

    3) Legendary warrior status. I think it would be a cool feature where when one of your battle brothers gets a large amount of kills from surviving countless battles he should become famous and get a small boost to stats for being such a stellar warrior. I mean if a guy can rack up 100+ kills you’d think he’d learn something and/or be a special.

    4) weapon training along the same lines as above if a guy gets a huge amount of kills with a single weapon you’d think he’d be exceptionally good at wielding it. Maybe granting a small boost. And to piggy back on other peoples ideas; at this point you get to name your weapon.

    Anyway, just A few thoughts.

    Oh and I always play Hardcore, even now. I never reload even if my favorite guy bites the dust. It makes the game so much more tense and fun. And it also makes stats and perks people complain are useless way more useful. (aka health/colossus)

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