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    Hey guys.

    I’ve felt for a while that the cool alternate weapons you get from some factions are options that I’ll never pick unless they’re the only option I have. I propose that some of the slight downgrade options (right now I have the Barbarians in mind) get a light overhaul, not in an effort to make them compete with or replace the more solid options (as obviously we are to assume that some factions are better at making weapons than others), but instead for any particular sidegrade weapon to fill a small unique niche, instead of being just a worse choice!

    For just an example, let’s look at the Handaxe (30-45, 30%, 120%, shield damage 12, fat 10) and the Crude Axe (30-40, 40%, “”, “”, fat 12). There’s no reason to use it over the Handaxe! And I believe that that SHOULD be the case in most situations… but what if we added a small proc chance for something interesting to happen when attacking with these alternate weapons?

    For the Crude Axe, what if – without touching its stats – we made it so that it had a 10% chance to cause a minor bleed? Or had a small chance to cause blunt injuries when attacking an armoured target?

      In that vein, tinkering with proc chance instead of just adding or reducing stats, these weapons could be made to fill interesting niches!

    Of course I’m not expecting you guys to waste time on things like this, as the time invested would not be equal to the benefit gained, but I’m happy to drop my thoughts here, if only for posterity’s sake :D

    Thanks friends

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