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    I suggest we introduce intelligent Jotun Giants into the game. They will act as an elite part of the barbarian forces, due to the fact that they can use weapons (albeit large ones).

    Giants live mainly in the mountains, where you can find their parking. And most of all in the north.

    1) Giants from the Hills are the first ones the player meets during their travels. They wander in the amount of 2-3. Neutral, you can talk to them and exchange gold for cheese or animal skins at a favorable rate. During a crisis, they are replaced by giant raiders.
    It is rare for an event to occur in which a giant recruit can get into a player’s squad. Specifications: Health Level *3, Bravery *1.5, Stamina *4, Trait huge. The basic ability of throwing boulders. Can be equipped with a large type of armor (requires a blacksmith in the squad and a special event+armor and iron).

    2) Robber Giants are strong and aggressive opponents. The squad consists of 4 to 12 giants. They are equipped with leather and chain armor, large shields, spears and clubs. They can throw Spears and Boulders. They are led by A Leader. Constantly terrorizing roads and fortresses located in the mountains.

    3)Giant-Huntsman – are found everywhere in the same instance of + his domesticated animals. When a crisis occurs, it is found in the armies of the Northerners. Armed with leather and fabric armor and a very powerful growth bow. Each shot at the enemy deals damage and suppression to all enemy allies surrounding the target. Very dangerous sniper. In the course of a series of events, he can join as a permanent member of the squad. I provide huge firepower in ranged combat.

    4)The Leader of the Giants is a powerful, armored melee fighter. As long as he lives, the giants ignore the decline of morale.

    5)Giant-Elder-conjures special Giant magic, removes harmful effects, throws nets, can summon snow spirits.

    6)Ancient Giants-veterans, clad in powerful armor, are equally good at melee and ranged combat. Accompany the king of the giants.

    7)The Giant King is a powerful fighter with magical weapons. Able to freeze an opponent for 1 turn.

    The giants are allied with the tribes of the northern barbarians, but they are not part of them. During the White Mist crisis, they join the Northern army.
    The “White Haze” crisis is a late-time crisis, it is implemented in a long game of more than 350 days. The player begins to receive messages about bad weather, crop failure, the appearance of snow in the southern regions.
    During the crisis:
    – prices for food, shopping items in northern cities increase by 3 times.
    – Scattered groups of northern barbarians begin to unite in several powerful armies of 50 to 90 units. These armies are besieging the northern cities. The union of tribes is joined by mountain giants. Gradually, the armies move south, destroying everything in their path.
    – The actions of the player’s squad depend on how far the northern Raiders will advance. As another ruined city they onewayout 2 Parking spaces in the surrounding areas.
    – Ignoring the crisis and the contracts of the noble houses, the crisis is transformed into the next one – the “War of the Beasts”, when in addition to the detachments of the north, hordes of greenskins invade from the east. (more than in a mono crisis).

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