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    I have bought the game, played 65 hours on normal difficulty, and maxxed out my band of brothers. I am now wandering around looking for things to do other than fight things in cemeteries :), having the odd chat with local lords of the manor, sourcing my war dogs, beating up Orcs and chasing away Goblins. I have got my battle formation right, tactics in the correct order and generally having a good time. This – by the way – is a good game that can become a great game.

    I love what has been done to the design, the tactical terrains with the different landscapes but my world feels small. I also want to become a warlord, marry a princess and generally become a bad guy gone good. I want to fight terrible monsters who are ravaging the land and attain hero status. In all, I want to become more of everything! My band of brothers – the Kixx – are looking for just that too ….

    Any plans on developing the storyline? You have the factions but I am unsure what you intend doing with them.

    On gameplay: For reference, I also started playing Darkest Dungeon and by comparison (although I hate it) the Ironman mode that that game employs does keep you honest. I do think that the Contract mechanic could do with that, after all, live or die by the decisions that you make in which case you can delete difficulty levels in BB and game saves.

    Finally, you do need to proof read some of the text as there are typos. A small point but it does detract from the polish and finish of the game.

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