Topic: A way to end battles quicker that have already clearly been won

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    I am sure you have already read similar comments, but this is regarding the extra 5-10 minutes of ‘chasing’ down the last fleeing enemies on a gigantic map. The battle has clearly been won already but the last enemy runs away while you have to cycle through your entire army moving or skipping turns. Introducing war dogs was a nice way to end a fight against archers but if the map is large enough they don’t always follow them. The dogs also die way too easily and often even in end battle scenarios and its rare to find them for purchase. Chasing down the last enemy really starts to feel like busy work, dampening the thrill of victory and the ‘fast and deadly’ style of the game.

    I think there should be an ‘Attrition’ level of the enemy force where if 90% of them are dead and the survivors are fleeing or have low morale, the battle should immediately end in victory. The battle system of “Conquest of the New World” worked like this, where the enemy would all retreat and you would fire off your last rounds automatically at them, killing whom you may. Or if the player prefers to farm equipment off the last few remaining enemies, at least enable the feature of “quick battle ending” so it can be toggled on or off.

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