Topic: Ability to check the worldmap BEFORE the introductory battle

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    as we cannot in any way control the map generator (which more often than not spits out rather… unfavourable results) could we at least be able to watch the map first and THEN go through the already-played-a-hundred-times-before battle with Hoggard? Rerolling a map feels like a “Groundhog Day” already…

    Alternatively introduce a space for “seed” word/number which would allow players to both share their maps and replay those that they found to their liking.


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    This would be great.

    You can actually replay your own maps. As soon as you get your first chance to save you can create a backup from your savegame. It should be in /my documents/battle brothers/savegames.

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    Thanks for the tip but AFAIK the save file contains all the information about the game and its’ settings, so you can’t use this method to play on the same map but with a different company and on a different difficulty/game setting.

    Or am I missing something?

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    Yeah it contains a ton of information. I also have no idea how it is encoded – I tried changing company name and stuff like that but could not find a way to do so.
    I usually just get a backup from the very start. If I get unlucky and fail during the first 10 days it’s really nice to not have to roll for a new map again.

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