Topic: Absent or Incorrect Info Scrolls Above Enemy Targets in Battle

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    I’ve been playing on v6.0.1.19 for weeks, but have suddenly started seeing repeated weird issues in battle that I’d certainly have seen before if they’d been introduced by the latest version. I also haven’t altered any of my settings or anything else on my PC.

    As you can see from the screenshots, one issue (commonly seen today but not before) is that the attack odds scroll is not displayed above an enemy target if that target is higher up on the screen than the character performing the attack. The other issue (only seen once so far) is that a highlighted enemy target (on an immediately neighbouring tile) is described as being “not in sight” (perhaps because the target was not in sight at the start of my character’s turn, and had only become a potential target on that turn because my character had quick hands to take out a loaded crossbow).

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    Can you attach the logfile next time this occurs? Thanks.

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    The log file is the same one that I attached to the other bug that I reported today. I was playing for many hours. I possibly first noticed it between 12:30pm and 12:35pm.

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