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    To keep it short, I’d like to suggest that a much larger portion of battles with the AI have them standing their ground, digging in.

    I think with nearly every encounter you can simply retreat back to a better position and they will always follow, EVEN when their operation states that they’ll dig in and shoot you with bows. If you go far enough away, they will follow (I’m mainly going off my experience from a year and a half ago, but I don’t think it’s changed).

    If you’re attacking a camp, it really doesn’t make any sense that they’re charging past their palisades to get you. I’d love to see them using more defensive tactics, as the overwhelmingly cheesy feeling I get when I ‘retreat’ (move my frontline back 4 tiles) to a better position remains one of the (very few) things which take away from my experience with Battle Brothers.

    Open to debate, for sure.

    BONUS SUGGESTION: ‘Required to go further into a mountain hex tile to receive the increased view distance benefits to eliminate the mildly cheesy gameplay that is ‘touching a mountain for extended viewing goodness’

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    Please consider my argument, Overhype! It just takes me out of the game every time something like this occurs. These ‘attack the encampment’ contracts go the same way as a random battle in a field. They charge, or they have archers (but will charge anyway if you back off a little).

    I KNOW you guys can do it! I remember a time when you thought adding in things like palisades and walls wouldn’t be feasible the way you wanted, but you found that beautiful middle ground.


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    I’d just like to add another example onto this. The image is (messily) annotated.

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    I don’t believe (I also don’t KNOW) that this would take much manpower in order to ‘fix’. This could all be avoided if defending enemy parties simply wouldn’t charge the attacking player if they didn’t need to.

    And similar to my suggestion about sidegrade weapons and ways to make them fill small niches using % proc chance to actuate mechanics, you could use proc chance here to give AI parties a chance to retreat if they’re weaker than the player & the player is just flinging arrows at them.

    A % chance is necessary because it would prevent feelings of fights becoming overtly predictable, and act as a vaccine to cheesy strategies, which are enabled by predictable AI routines.

    Thanks guys

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