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    A story by the Amazing Typing Aardvark

    Along the Road: A Hunt to Remember

    Just as you were getting ready to relax and enjoy a mug of your favorite brew, Grimwald Game-taker (Grimwald is just a placeholder name for any brother with the poacher or hunter background) struts up and asks you if you want to go hunting with him, says there’s good game in these parts.

    Maybe next time. (click to end event)
    Why not? I’ve got nothing better to do. (click for event to continue)

    As the two of you set out and leave the hectic activity of camp behind, you find yourself lost in admiring the beauty of nature and appreciating the serene peace of the forest. You try your best to listen to Grimwald as he tells you about hunting such-and-such animals in a place near so-and-so, but there is too much happening around you to pay him much attention.

    Isn’t nature lovely? (click to continue)

    “What do you think, sir?”
    Suddenly, you snap back to reality and try to recall what question Grimwald was just asking you.
    “Uh, think about what again?”
    “Broadheads or Bodkin tips?”
    “Who are we fighting? “
    “Not ‘WHO’ are we fighting?” Grimwald spits. “But ‘WHAT’ are we fighting? Orcs, I’m talking about orcs. Have you been listening to a word I’ve said?”
    “Not really, but personally, “you pause to think, quickly collecting your thoughts, “I would choose the bodkin tips. You see, the older, bigger orcs usually have some scraps of armor that they’ve looted off the enemies they’ve killed, and they’re the ones you need to worry about. However,” You continue, “Broadheads are better for the younger orcs, and they’re also better for hunting…”
    Grimwald interrupts you and lowers his voice, “Speaking of hunting, did you see that?”
    “What is it?”
    “Up the trail a little ways, on the right, what on earth is that creature?”

    Let’s get a closer look. (click to continue)

    As the two of you sneak up to the creature, you begin to see it more clearly. It’s about the size of a small dog, and it has short, brownish-tan fur. You notice that it has ears like a mule but a long, skinny snout. The animal looks around cautiously and then crosses the trail approaching a rather large ant hill. The thing begins to tear into the ant hill like a starving man would tear into a meat pie. It isn’t long before it has its belly full and begins to slowly waddle away.
    “Sir, can I shoot it?”

    (option one) Leave it be; it can’t hurt us.

    (option two) Take him out.

    (If you choose option one, then redirect down to the continue the hunt paragraph)

    (If you choose option two, then read on)

    Grimwald, let’s an arrow fly. It travels true and pierces the creature’s heart.
    You approach the dying animal and squat down near it. In its eyes, you see something that you’ve never seen in the eyes of a dying animal before. There is no fear, no anger, and no pain… just a look of resignation. Whatever it is, the creature has accepted his fate.
    The animal expires quickly, but the questions it has left with you won’t be going away anytime soon. You wonder about your own inevitable passage from this life into the next, and whether or not you’ll be ready. Will some unseen, unheard enemy put an arrow through your heart? Will you meet your death peacefully, and accept your own fate?

    I will fight death with all my might! (click to continue)
    Everyone dies eventually. I just hope that, by that time, I’ll have found some peace in this world. (click to continue)

    You and Grimwald continue the hunt hoping to find a deer before something else, something worse, finds you. As you travel deeper into the woods the trees begin to press in around you, the air grows thick with the scent of pine needles, and the forest begins to feel… darker. You hear Grimwald mutter something about seeing the forest for the trees, and you begin to wonder if maybe the two of you should head back to camp.

    Onward! (click to continue the quest)

    These woods are perilous. We should go back. (click to end the event: also, LotR reference)

    You look at Grimwald for explanation, and he points to a mature, antlered buck about 50 paces ahead. Grimwald slowly draws back, takes aim, and…

    You hold your breath. (click to continue)

    TWANG! The buck ahead jumps and kicks out his back legs. You know that means it was a heart shot. With a laugh and a slap on the back, you congratulate Grimwald for his kill. After you give it time to bleed out, the two of you follow the blood trail, find the deer, and hang it up to harvest the meat. Grimwald works quickly, proving that he’s done this type of work before. But before he is completely finished, you notice something… ominous. The forest has gone completely silent.
    “Grimwald…” you whisper.
    He turns from what he was doing and notices the look on your face. You both remain silent, and start looking around. You can’t see anything in the brush, but you hear Grimwald start sniffing. You turn towards him again with the intention of asking him if he smells anything. Then you realize that he isn’t the one making the sniffing noises at all. Off in the bushes behind Grimwald, you see it.

    Don’t. Move. A muscle. (click to continue)

    Crashing through the underbrush, the beast charges straight for Grimwald. You shout, and he jumps to his left narrowly avoiding the behemoth sized bear. Grimwald is down on the ground, but you have more pressing concerns at the moment. Your shout attracted the bear’s attention and it’s headed towards you.

    Draw your sword. (click to continue)
    Climb a tree. (click to continue)

    You draw you sword as the beast comes barreling at you. With a mighty downward strike you bring the edge of your weapon across the bears head. You make a good cut, but it doesn’t get passed the bone. The force of the bear’s charge knocks you off your feet, and your sword goes flying. The next thing you know, you are lying face down with a mouthful of dirt and a crushing wait on your legs. You manage to twist over just in time to see the bear’s teeth closing around your upper leg. With a mighty thrash, the bear sends you flying into a tree.

    Now climb the tree? (click to continue)

    You jump onto a tree and ascend as quickly as you can. But before you can get out of the bear’s reach, it stands on its hind legs and swipes at you, hooking its claws in your thigh. The beast tries to pull you down, but you hold on for your life causing the bears razor sharp claws to tear through the flesh halfway down your leg. While gritting your teeth and trying to kick the bear with your other leg, you notice that Grimwald is back on his feet and is drawing his bow. With a short, shrill whistle from Grimwald’s lips, the animal turns to look at him.

    TWANG! (click to continue)

    With a single, skillful shot, Grimwald threads an arrow through the bear’s eye and kills it instantly.

    Thanks (click to continue)

    After you dismount the tree, Grimwald checks to see how bad your leg is.
    “Well, you can walk on it, but don’t expect to be carrying anything with you. I’ll grab the deer. We need to get out of here before any of his friends come sniffing around after him.”
    “What?” you say sarcastically, “After all that work, I don’t get to take a bite out of the beast that tried to take a bit out of me?”
    “Ha, you should just be thankful that you’re alive, sir.”

    Huh… you pause for a long moment to think. I guess he’s right. (click to end event and add dried venison into your inventory)

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