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    Along the Road: Flowers for M’lady

    Scanning the horizon ahead, you notice a large, black column of smoke spiraling lazily into the air. It’s in your path, but you don’t know if it’s worth the risk.

    Take the long way around. (end event)
    Continue towards the smoke. (click to continue)

    Upon approaching the smoke, you and your band find the ruins of a small cottage burnt into the dirt. Whoever, or whatever, did this has long since been gone. The man and the boys, who you presume to be his sons, are lying scattered around the farmstead. Sitting in the ashes near the smoldering coals, a mother with a blank gaze is holding a small girl. Willhelm the Wild (any character the Wildman background), runs away tearing through the brush. He’ll come back you think to yourself. He always does.

    (sigh) Well, what should I do now? (click to continue)

    You approach the mother who is holding her child and try to talk to them. It seems that none of your words are getting through to the woman. She just stares at you with a dead look in her eyes. Just before you give up and order the men onwards, Willhelm comes running back through the brush concealing something behind his back. He walks past you and the men without a word and kneels down before the mother and daughter. He gruffly juts out his hand holding a bouquet of wild flowers. The small child is startled at first, clutching her mother’s dress. But after noticing the flowers, she slowly reaches out for them. It is then that Willhelm does something you hardly ever hear him do; he speaks.
    “Flowers for M’lady.”
    The small girl gently grasps the flowers in her pudgy fingers and favors Willhelm with the smallest smile.

    “Men” You say, “we should hurry up, bury the bodies, and escort these two to the nearest village before something else comes looking for them.”

    Leave them in the village. (Click to continue)
    Leave them in the village, and give the mother 100 crowns. (Click to continue)

    A story by the Amazing Typing Aardvark

    Well fans and developers, what do you think?
    Do you want me to continue writing these stories?
    I won’t if you don’t like them.

    Avatar photoLove Gun

    Well, no dev here(, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan either ;-P); though if it means anything to you, I think you are capable.
    What about putting your ideas, time and skill into something they’ve asked for instead of something they did not?
    If you don’t already know, you can put your writing skills to use here, if you like to:

    Avatar photoAmazing Aardvark

    Thank you for the info. I didn’t know about the steam forum, and I might end up adding some comments over there. One thing they said about the bar room gossip was that they wanted more material so that the patrons wouldn’t be using the same lines over and over again. It makes sense to have multiple people offering unique ideas for stories, jokes, and gossip. You don’t want players skipping dialogue because it is boring, and you don’t want them to have to skip a redundant comment, quest, or event.

    I really like the idea they have for the community input, and what I’m doing here is just my own little way of trying to help them out with the short stories part. I’ve played this game a significant amount and have ran into the same “Along the Road” type events time and again. My hope for this game is that you won’t ever need to skip something because you’ve seen it before. It would be awesome for every story to be original and interesting enough to grab players attention and emotions and immerse them in the game world. But hey, those are just my two cents.

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