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    I hope you all are enjoying the stories. Please, comment if you are. But if you aren’t, all you have to do is ask me to stop. I don’t mean to be overbearing, but I’m having too much fun with these little writing projects. If you so desire, you may listen to the song that inspired me to write this story here

    “Sir, there’s a lad up the road who asked to see you… better come quick.”

    Is something wrong? (Click to continue)

    You follow the scout further up the road to a place where a young man is reclining against a tree. It isn’t until after you get close that you notice the blood.
    “Well, sir, they… they got me.” He says with his hands covering the hole in his stomach. “Might’ve taken my life, but they won’t… they won’t have my spirit.”
    “What do you mean?” You ask, looking over his broken body, “Who did this?”
    “Oh, some men did it… Doesn’t it seem strange?” He struggles to say through the pain. “Doesn’t it seem strange that man’s worst enemy is his fellow man?” He tries to spit, but only blood comes out. “Some faithless mercenaries wanted me to fight for them. Told ‘em… Told ‘em I serve my country. Told ’em that my loyalty weren’t for sale. That’s… that’s why they did this.”

    Is there anything I can do to help? (Click to continue)
    Well, tough luck son. (Click to end event)

    “Yes, just… please, just hand me my harp.”
    It’s then, following the boy’s gesture, that you see a harp on the ground lying next to a sword.
    “T’was my fathers… the sword, I mean. My mother,” he says with tears welling in his eyes.” M-my mother gave me that harp for my birthday. Sh-sh-she… She would ask me to play it for her s-sometimes. Please… hand it here.

    Hand the boy his harp. (Click to continue)
    Take the sword, and sell the harp at the next town. (Click to gain 100 crowns, an arming sword, and end the event)

    “Here you go son, here’s your harp.”
    You spend the next few moments with the lad, who was spending his last. He began to play the harp, and he whispered a sad song, a sweet song, about a man’s love for and loyalty to his people. A song of freedom and hope… and, when the final verse had been sung, he calmly drew his last breath and passed into the next world.

    … Rest In Peace …

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    keep on writting, i think ur storys are good.

    Avatar photoAmazing Aardvark

    Thank you. I’m glad you like them!

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    Why you cant all yours stuff post in one topic ? That could be much better i think.

    All life's problems can be solved with a bayonet charge.

    Avatar photoAmazing Aardvark

    I’m sincerely not trying to be rude, but I’m not exactly sure that I understand what you are trying to say. Is English not your native language? It’s ok if it isn’t. If you are asking me why I don’t post them all together, it is because I don’t have them all pre-written. None of my other stories were written before I posted the first one. If I think up some interesting story, I write it and post it then and there. In fact, I don’t even try and think up another story idea before finishing the story I’m on. For example, in my most recent tale about Arnold the pig, I hadn’t even thought of writing it before I finished the Minstrel Boy.

    On the other hand, if you are asking me why I don’t put them all on a single thread, the reason is that I just hadn’t thought of doing that. It’s a good idea, and I might try it. But for now, while I’m writing short, sporadic stories with no definite end date, I’ll just post them as they come to me. Thanks.

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