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    Anyone knows I have 200 hours in battle brothers, my $10 or whatever holds infinite sway over this game from last year. Also that I want females ONLY, amazons, in my own base that I own, that I have sex with. I want to be a faction king. OK good…

    Now I heard from the update that there’s an end game still coming into development, and I just want to throw in my thoughts that, like innumerable titles of this sort, I’d really prefer to not be Forced Into an end game? You do actually are Optionally Pursuing an Ending and Leave the Sandbox?

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    oh good lord i want females too! but they only throw us some rusty skeleton xD bad bad dev xD

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    But females and males going to look the same with armor. Under armor you cannot to see the gender. Are you going to fight without armor/helmets?

    P.S. Mods maybe going to give you amazons :)

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    Ulrich! Don’t you remember the “Inverse Female Armor Rule” in ALL fantasy gaming?

    “The protection a female receives from armor is inversely proportional to the amount of skin the armor covers.” It surely follows that female warriors in full armor get taken out by a small stick, but naked female warriors cannot be damaged by normal melee weapons! :-P

    IF they do females, I’d like to see a small number of actual warriors, a slightly larger number of missile specialists, but mostly support personnel like cooks, medics & “ladies of the night” that grant strength, health, & morale bonuses respectively … if you can afford them!

    Ummm … this is totally off topic!

    As far as an end game goes, the only one I can picture is the eventual slaughter of all the humans, based on how hard it is to kill Orc Warriors and Warlords. Assuming I could survive an End Game (VERY shaky assumption!), I’d like to see something like the Total War series does … you can just keep on going if you want … or maybe move to a new game map? It would be nice to start a game with a kick-ass company!

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