Topic: an old man looki ng for some info about whats going on

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    im sad no updates in some time every day I come home from work turn on my computer to find no info love game but would like to know what is going on at overhype? every thing ok you all ok. wheres god

    Avatar photoJago

    Most of these updates were bugfixes and minor tweaks, bigger updates were not that often. I expect the upcoming eventsystem to be large, with loads of text and lots of code (for each event), and there’s probably more going on behind the scene. Let’s not forget that they still had to quit their jobs, get a new working place and more on their plate.
    You can go and look through the blog and check how often there were updates in the last year and how big these updates were. Maybe it’ll give you a better feeling for how often these bigger updates happen.

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    I know this game is Early Access to be fully released in about a year’s time. I thought I’m prepared for the wait.

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    I think a dev said either here or on Steam that the next major update may arrive as early as next week.

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