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    As of the 6/30 update, the animation speed slows down during fights. It starts out the normal speed but at some point, gets slower.

    For example, the active unit bounces up and down slower. Arrows fly through the air slower. Attacks made by both me and the computer take longer to illustrate. It happens independent of the size of the fight. It occurred when my 12 were up against 42 orcs fighting each other as well as against 8 bandits.

    If it makes a difference, I downloaded the beta and played that before I got the update from today.

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    After the update today, I did more testing. It appears that the slowness is limited to a specific save game. I’ve uploaded it (except the save game is larger than the file limit size so I didn’t upload it).

    You’ll see that there’s slowness in movement across the world map screen and, if you get into a fight, there’ll be slowness in the animations during the fight.

    I’ll continue playing from an earlier save that doesn’t have the problem and see if the issue reoccurs.

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    Can you zip it?

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