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    This came up on the STEAM forum, but I think it bears repeating since not everyone might read those and I don’t post there myself. Linky

    To be honest we lacked the resources to add more elaborate animations as animations tend to be quite time consuming to create. If the EA goes well we will have the resources to add more visible and distinctive animations!

    To me, it doesn’t feel like the game is lacking animation at this point in time. However, if you do eventually go for more animations, I’d recommend looking at the way Darkest Dungeon does it. They make use of few unique frames in their animation, but they achieve a dynamic effect through the movement of the model itself, impact effects and the quick switching between the neutral frames and attack frames. You already make use of sound effects and movement of the bust, so this wouldn’t be that a big of leap. You probably don’t even need long animations as they would just kill the pace of the combat.

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    I think in this case “animations” referred more to “visible attack effects” than actual character animations. We left out character animations on purpose to not prohibit ourselves from showing all the equipment on the character. Im sure thats one of the reasons why Darkest Dungeons has no changeable equipment, because youd have to paint every animation for every piece of equipment which means a tremendous amount of work.

    We experimented a bit and tried an approach where the weapon of the brother swings at an enemy, but it looked really dodgy when attacking enemies behind you. In that case the bust would have to face another direction, at least for the brief second of the animation.

    Well figure out something eventually.

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    Ah, that explains it. I seriously thought you were planning on single-handedly animating multiple attack frames, for every single weapon in the game and for every single faction. I was all impressed by your ambition! :D

    Eager to see you’ll turn up with, though I think your current style looks great too.

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    Two very simple “animation” details that probably shouldn’t be too difficult to add.

    Like “shieldwall” is shown by the trooper raising their shield.
    “Spearwall” should tilt the spear towards the enemy.
    “Riposte” should raise the sword ready to strike.

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    I personally like the lack of animations, and the busts. Its got a nice uniqueness to it. I don’t think you should sacrifice the visual diversity or the weapon roster so we can get realistic detailed animations.

    Yes darkest dungeon have got cool attack animations, but they come at the cost of variety between classes. Battle brothers is bloody awesome because of the sheer amount of gear there is and all of it is represented on the busts and the corpses. If it came down to one or the other, I would have chose exactly what the devs have seemingly decided to go with..

    @Psen I think its time the busts had correct facing? attacking from behind could be so much more brutal (plus daggers could suddenly become viable, atleast more than they are currently)
    The busts and flags would help distinguish for the player which unit belonged to which side.

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    Characters already raise their shield when using Shieldwall. Agreed on adding the other 2 animations for Spearwall and Riposte, if we can make it look decent.

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